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 In 2018, Bryin made the decision to move to Fort Lauderdale full-time, leaving behind a successful career doing hair and makeup for television and film in Chicago. This new chapter in his life has enabled him to devote most of his time and energy to his career as an artist.

Bryin paints what inspires him at the moment, not sticking with the traditional mindset of developing one style of painting that defines you.  In 2021, Bryin had a one-man-show appropriately titled, “The Non-Cohesive Collection,” which showcased the depth and diversity of his artwork. His subject matter ranges from a peaceful Buddha In a Bamboo Garden to a smoldering vixen named Honey.

Many of Bryin’s newer pieces were painted predominantly with palette knives to achieve the rich textures and bold expressions in his artwork.

“I'm driven to create artwork that evokes feelings of peace and happiness. Art influences how we think, feel, and approach our daily lives." -Bryin Smoot

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